Matthew (Mateo) Banegas

Matthew (Mateo) Banegas, PhD, MPH, MS is a Cancer Prevention Fellow in the Healthcare Assessment Research Branch of HDRP. He received his doctorate in health services research, with an emphasis on cancer prevention and control, from the University of Washington, School of Public Health. He also received an MPH in Community Health Education from New Mexico State University. Dr. Banegas’ research focuses on the delivery, cost and value of medical care for individuals diagnosed with cancer. While at NCI, his has led studies investigating population-based patterns of treatment for renal cell cancer patients, with a focus on systemic therapy use among late-stage patients, as well as studies assessing disparities in health outcomes among women diagnosed with breast cancer. He is a member of the Interagency Consortium to Promote Heath Economics Research on Cancer (HEROiC), led by his mentor Dr. Robin Yabroff, for which he has collaborated on and led projects that examine the cost of cancer care and cost-related barriers to care for cancer survivors in the U.S. Currently, Dr. Banegas is leading a study that examines medical debt and bankruptcy associated with cancer and its treatment, among working-age cancer survivors. Dr. Banegas is also a Cancer Research Network (CRN) Scholar (2013-2015), a program through which he has expanded his research interests by examining issues of cancer care delivery, cost and value within integrated delivery systems. As a CRN Scholar, he is Principal Investigator of a multisite study investigating the long-term total and incremental medical care costs of cancer in integrated delivery settings, among patients diagnosed with breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancer.