K. Robin Yabroff


K. Robin Yabroff, PhD, MBA, is an Epidemiologist and Program Director in the Healthcare Assessment Research Branch of the Healthcare Delivery Research Program. She received her doctorate in epidemiology from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. She also received an MBA in finance from the University of Rochester. Before joining NCI in 2002, she was a research Assistant Professor in the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University.

Dr. Yabroff has more than 20 years of experience in health services research related to cancer care. Her research and programmatic interests include developing methods to estimate the economic burden of cancer and understanding the determinants of population trends, care, and disparities in the receipt of cancer screening, follow-up services, and cancer treatment. She is author or co-author of over 120 peer-reviewed journal articles on clinical epidemiology and health services research related to cancer. She serves as a reviewer for numerous clinical, health services research, and epidemiology journals, and is currently an associate editor for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and a founding member of the editorial board of the Journal of Cancer Survivorship. She co-chaired the NCI and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) sponsored workshop Health Care Costs: In Pursuit of Standardized Methods and Estimates for Research and Policy Applications and was a guest editor for the resulting Medical Care journal supplement, Health Care Costing: Data, Methods, Future DirectionsExternal Web Site Policy. She was also the guest editor for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute journal supplement, Comparing Cancer Care and Economic Outcomes Across Health Systems: Challenges and Opportunities.

Dr. Yabroff has received multiple NIH Merit Awards, including one for Economic Studies Related to Cancer Burden and Control and another for The Development and Dissemination of Innovative Statistical and Economic Methods Resulting in the Ability to Estimate the National Burden of Cancer. She also received the NCI Outstanding Mentor Award. Dr. Yabroff is currently leading a collaborative multi-agency effort to improve publicly available data for estimating the burden of cancer in the US, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS): Experiences with Cancer Survivorship Supplement. She is also leading the Interagency Consortium to Promote Health Economics Research on Cancer (HEROiC).