What issues did the APECC study examine?

The APECC survey addressed the following content areas:

  • Follow-up Cancer Care Experiences
    • Access to care, physicians' communication behavior, symptoms management, health promotion, communication with health care team, coordination of care, trust in the physician, overall rating of quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • Cancer-related Information Seeking
    • Information needs, information sources, information seeking experiences and barriers, and information seeking self-efficacy
  • Cognitive Health Appraisal
    • Perceived uncertainty, personal control, and perceived health competence
  • Participation in Medical Decision-Making
    • Patient attitudes and beliefs, patient role preferences, patients' actual role in decisions, and patients' participation self-efficacy
  • Health-related Quality of Life
    • Physical and mental health
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    • Recent use of different therapies and discussion of CAM use with physician
  • Sociodemographic and Clinical Information