Program Officer, Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch

The Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB) at the National Cancer Institute is looking for a Program Officer to join our team. Part of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, and in the Healthcare Delivery Research Program, HSIRB works to advance research on structural, organizational, social, and behavioral factors that influence the delivery of cancer care – from early detection through end of life. Ongoing research areas we would like to develop include:

  • Healthcare delivery system characteristics, sociodemographic, and psychosocial factors that influence care across the cancer continuum
  • Organizational factors such as incentives, workflow, and other structures; communication, coordination, and other processes; and policies at all levels, that affect cancer-related care
  • Interventions to improve care quality, as indicated by effects on safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, efficiency, timeliness, and/or equitability
  • Roles of providers in community-based and other healthcare delivery organizations
  • Equitable follow-up of abnormal cancer screening test results
  • Diagnostic paths other than screening (symptom reporting) that can improve equity of cancer outcomes
  • Prevention behaviors occurring within care delivery (e.g., HPV vaccination), and early detection behaviors, including diagnosis of symptomatic cancers, cancer screening, genetic testing, and care-seeking for potential cancer symptoms
  • Data gaps and linkages to facilitate improving cancer care delivery
  • Theory-based approaches to understanding and changing cancer care delivery
  • Multilevel interventions that addressing the interplay across patients/family, healthcare professionals, and organizations

Other areas could be developed depending on the new hire’s background and interests.

The successful candidate must meet all requirements for an NIH Health Scientist Administrator position (PDF)External Web Site Policy. Experience with public health interventions or health services science and experience managing or conducting observational and/or interventional studies is ideal. Both local and remote work options will be considered.

For more information, please contact Sarah Kobrin, the HSIRB Branch Chief, at

We would appreciate you spreading the word about this opportunity. If you or someone you know is interested, we would welcome receiving a resume to Genevieve Grimes at

Last Updated: 13 Jul, 2023