Alyssa Grauman

Alyssa Grauman, MPH, is a Public Health Advisor in the Office of the Associate Director (OAD) of the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP). Alyssa currently serves as the HDRP Communications Lead and collaborates with the Associate and Deputy Directors to manage, coordinate, and evaluate operations and planning for the program. Previously, she led budget and contracts activities within HDRP and continues to serve in an advisory capacity in these areas. Throughout her career, Alyssa has managed numerous scientific grants and contracts, and currently serves as the administrative Program Director of the Population-based Research to Optimize the Screening Process (PROSPR) network. Alyssa played an integral role in the formation of HDRP in 2015, partnering with leadership to develop strategic plans and processes for moving forward the science, culture, and operations of the program. She serves as a key member of the HDRP Leadership Team where she advises senior leaders on strategies to accomplish scientific goals.

Prior to joining HDRP, Alyssa was a Research Associate and Cancer Research Training Award fellow in the Applied Research Program of the Division on Cancer Control and Population Sciences. In this role, she managed various scientific initiatives related to cancer screening, diet, and tobacco. Other previous experience includes working as an information specialist for the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine's Clearinghouse and conducting laboratory research to study cell-signaling pathways in neuroblastoma at the University of Michigan.

Alyssa received a BS in Biology and MPH in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology from the University of Michigan.

Office of the Associate Director

Last Updated: 09 Jul, 2019