Andrew Obeng

Andrew Obeng, MA, is a NCI Communications Fellow in the Office of the Associate Director of the Healthcare Delivery Research Program.

Andrew is a graduate of the Clemson University Master’s in Communication, Technology and Society program. He will be working with Drs. Janeth Sanchez and Brenda Adjei, supporting communication, outreach, and coordination activities for the Addressing Social Risks in Cancer Care and the Structural Racism in Cancer Care initiatives. He will also collaborate on the development and planning of scientific activities related to health care disparities and equity-related research in cancer care delivery.

Andrew’s research interests include the intersection of disability with aspects of daily life, clinical care of marginalized populations, and health care policy. In particular, he is interested in learning about health and health care through firsthand patient accounts. Andrew hopes to continue studying health care systems through the lens of marginalization and patient-first approaches.

Last Updated: 31 Aug, 2022