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December 2015


HDRP and colleagues in DCCPS’ Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program have partnered to release a statement of interest to receive investigator-initiated applications in the area of cancer and emergency medicine.  Hospital-based emergency departments evaluate and manage patients with a wide variety of oncologic emergencies, which is becoming increasingly more common because of more patients being treated with outpatient regimens.  When presented with a cancer patient, emergency departments must quickly evaluate clinical, laboratory, and radiographic tests, and they are often required to manage complex critical conditions, sometimes with few or no clinical records.


HDRP and the ECRI Institute co-hosted the conference, Cancer Care Delivery in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System, on November 17-18, 2015.  Over the two days, we heard from some of the nation’s leaders in cancer care delivery who discussed how research evidence is used to make decisions.  HDRP Acting Associate Director, Dr. Ann Geiger, closed the conference with several insightful remarks about health care delivery research that are worth highlighting.  First, she commented that our understanding of the biology of cancer is rapidly evolving, and that there may be unrealistic expectations about how quickly precision medicine can deliver improved outcomes. While patients currently live with cancer for years, if not decades, there continues to be dialogue about “waging a war... Read more

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