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Are Better Health Outcomes at Risk in Healthcare Practices that Don’t Practice Teamwork?

In a case-based manuscript we tell the story of Ms. Young’s journey from a routine doctor’s visit to a breast cancer diagnosis and examine the coordination of her care among multiple health care providers.  With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act increased attention is directed towards delivering healthcare that is safe, effective, equitable, timely and patient-centered.   Better coordination of patient care gives rise to changes in our healthcare delivery system, emergence of Patient Centered Medical Homes and practitioners who strive to deliver better care through teamwork.


Ms. Young’s case study integrates knowledge of health care teams in cancer care delivery. The authors evaluate how principles of interdependence among healthcare team providers can contribute to better patient outcomes.


Does your healthcare delivery environment practice principles of teamwork? If not, are you interested in learning more about how to deliver patient-center care through effective teamwork? If so, we offer you two articles in the Journal of Oncology Practice:


Reviewing Cancer Care Team Effectiveness


Teams and Teamwork During a Cancer Diagnosis: Interdependency Within and Between Teams

Veronica Y. Chollette, RN, MS, Program Director

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