Publication Abstract

Authors: Goldhirsch A, Colleoni M, Domenighetti G, Gelber RD

Title: Systemic treatments for women with breast cancer: outcome with relation to screening for the disease.

Journal: Ann Oncol 14(8):1212-4

Date: 2003 Aug

Abstract: Early detection and proper care of breast cancer are currently the best available approaches to the treatment of patients with the disease. In countries with a breast cancer screening programme, there has been a demonstrated reduction in breast cancer-related mortality. Such reduction has also been observed in Switzerland, a country in which no national programme of screening is available. Although there is no doubt that early diagnosis might have had a major role in reducing breast cancer mortality the magnitude of this effect is unknown. Research with tailored approaches on alternative imaging for early detection of breast cancer in high-risk women and on treatments offered according to proper criteria of responsiveness to therapies is warranted.