Publication Abstract

Authors: Haas J, Kaplan C, McMillan A, Esserman LJ

Title: Does timely assessment affect the anxiety associated with an abnormal mammogram result?

Journal: J Womens Health Gend Based Med 10(6):599-605

Date: 2001 Jul-Aug

Abstract: Anxiety following an abnormal mammogram result can be substantial. We examined whether the time to the first diagnostic test was associated with anxiety. We surveyed 449 women at 2 and 8 months after an abnormal mammogram result, and we reviewed their medical records. Twenty-six percent of women reported being very anxious about their abnormal mammogram result at the time of the two-month interview, and 22% reported persistent anxiety after 8 months. After adjustment, the number of days until the first diagnostic test was not associated with anxiety at the 2-month interview. By the second interview, women who received their first diagnostic test within the first week were significantly more anxious, as were women who did not receive their first test for at least 60 days after their results. Further work is needed to ascertain how to minimize the anxiety associated with the evaluation of an abnormal mammogram.