Log on Instructions

We recommend testing the webinar software and computer audio computer at least one day prior to the webinar to ensure that you can successfully connect.

Testing your connection

It is recommended to test the WebEx software prior to the presentation to ensure that you are able to connect. To test your connection, please join the test meetingExternal Web Site Policy.

If prompted, download the WebEx add-on file or run the temporary application. There will be a link to "run a temporary application to join the meeting immediately". Please click that link and it should grant you access to the meeting.

Connecting to audio

For audio, participants may use either a landline phone or a mobile phone (audio quality tends to be better with a landline phone). For this option, participants may select "Call Me" after joining the webinar and enter the number of the telephone you wish to use. You will receive a call and will be prompted to “press 1 to connect.”

International participants are encouraged to use VoIP through their computer's microphone and speakers to avoid international calling charges. Navigate to the “Call Using Computer” A headset is recommended if this option is used.

Connecting to WebEx on the day of the presentation

Click on the "Join WebEx meeting" link provided in your registration approval email from WebEx. You will need to enter the "Meeting number" and "Meeting password" provided in that email in order to access the meeting. You may also be prompted to enter your name and email address.