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Program Impact Measures in Breast Cancer Screening Programs in 26 ICSN Countries, 2012*

Region/Country Case Fatality Deaths Prevented Quality of Life Cost-effectiveness Life years gained Mortality reduction
Australia X
Canada X X
China X X X
Denmark X
Finland X
France X X X
Iceland X
Israel X X X X
Italy X X X X X
Japan X
Korea X X X X
Netherlands X X X X X
New Zealand
Norway X X X X
Portugal (Central Region) X
Portugal (Alentejo Region) X
Saudi Arabia
Spain (Catalonia)
Spain (Navarra) X X
Sweden X
United Kingdom X
United States1
Uruguay X X X X

*Data are from a survey of ICSN country representatives, conducted in 2012

1 Data comes from the Breast Cancer Surveillance ConsortiumExternal Web Site Policy.

Last Updated: 02 Dec 2016