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Other Characteristics of Cervical Cancer Screening Programs in 20 ICSN Countries, 2007-2008

Region/Country Methods used to recruit women1 Facility Type2 Source of payment for exam Source of funding for program Utilize guidelines for quality assurance?
Australia PR, MA GP, GN, C Govt (may require co-pay) Govt Yes, Australian guidelines
Brazil O C Govt Govt Yes
Canada PI, PR, MA GP, GN, C Govt Govt Yes, Canadian guidelines
Denmark PI GP Govt Govt
Finland PI SC, C Govt Govt
France PI, MA GN Insurance Govt/foundation Yes, European guidelines
Germany GP, GN Insurance
Hungary PI, MA SC, GN Insurance Govt Yes, Hungarian guidelines (based on EU guidelines)
Iceland PI, MA SC, GP, GN, C Govt/woman Govt Yes, Iceland guidelines
Italy PI C Govt Govt Yes, Italian ministry guidelines
Ireland PI, PR, MA SC, GP, GN, C Govt Govt EU guidelines
Japan PI, MA SC, GN, MS, C Govt/woman Govt Yes, Japanese guidelines
Korea PI, MA SC, GP, GN, MS, C Govt/insurance Govt
Netherlands PI GP Govt Govt Yes, Netherlands guidelines
New Zealand PR, MA GP, GN Woman Govt Yes, New Zealand guidelines
Norway PI GP, GN, C Govt/woman Govt Yes, Norwegian guidelines based on WHO 2004
Sweden PI C Woman Other Yes
United Kingdom PI, PR GP, C Govt Govt Yes, Achievable standards and benchmarks
United States PR, MA GP, GN, C Govt Govt
Uruguay MA C Govt Govt/Private Foundation Yes, manual of procedures

1 Recruitment Methods:

PI (Personal Invitation)
PR (Physician Referral)
MA (Media Advertising)
O (Other)

2 Facility Type:

SC (Dedicated Screening Center)
GP (private physician office/General Practitioner)
GN (private physician office/gynecologist)
MS (mobile screening unit)
C (clinic, public health center, maternal child clinic)
O (other)

Last Updated: 01 Feb 2016