Ped-PRO-CTCAE Development Team

The development of Ped-PRO-CTCAE was funded by NCI (R01-CA-175759 PIs: Hinds and Reeve) and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. A multidisciplinary group of investigators representing academic and community-based pediatric trialists and patient-reported outcomes methodologists participated in the development and psychometric testing of Ped-PRO-CTCAE.

The many contributions of the individuals listed below to the development and testing of Ped-PRO-CTCAE are gratefully acknowledged.

  • Bryce B. Reeve
  • Pamela S. Hinds
  • Justin N. Baker
  • Ethan Basch
  • Antonia V. Bennett
  • Judy K. Bosi
  • Sharon M. Castellino
  • Sharon Dibridge
  • David R. Freyer
  • Stuart H. Gold
  • Shana S. Jacobs
  • Mattias Jonsson
  • Li Lin
  • Nicole R. Lucas
  • Jennifer W. Mack
  • Scott H. Maurer
  • Molly McFatrich
  • Catriona Mowbray
  • Mary Petrany
  • Laura C. Pinheiro
  • Lillian Sung
  • Deborah Tomlinson
  • Katie Villabroza
  • Mia K. Waldron
  • Meaghann S. Weaver
  • Janice S. Withycombe
Last Updated: 18 May, 2020