SEER-MHOS Data Dictionary

The SEER data released as part of SEER-MHOS have been added to the survey record. Basic SEER diagnostic information is available for up to 10 diagnosed cancer cases for each person. Refer to the 5-digit Site Recode DictionaryExternal Web Site Policy for the list of cancers available. Selected SEER variables were copied from a customized file, created for SEER-Medicare linked patients, known as the Patient Entitlement and Diagnosis Summary File (PEDSF). All SEER variables are described in the SEER Research Data Record Description (Attachment A). Additionally, the census tract and zip code of patients at time of first cancer diagnosis and the zip code at time of survey have been encrypted on the survey record. Separate files that contain geographically-based (ZIP code and census tract level) socioeconomic information from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses and the 2008 – 2012 American Community Survey are provided and can be matched by the encrypted patient census tract and zip code. Both the Part D Claims and Denominator files for MHOS respondents can be requested as indicated on the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Data page.

Last Updated: 27 May, 2020