Overview of the HOS Survey 2.0 & Its Use in the SEER-MHOS Linked Data Sets

The video below is a narrated training program that will help you learn how to use the SEER and MHOS linked data at your own pace. The Windows Media Player plug-inExternal Web Site Policy is required to view it in your Web browser.

Requirements for Playing Video

Users who have difficulty viewing the video on this page may wish to use one of these alternative methods:


Users who require closed captioning can enable it in Windows Media Player using the following steps.

  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. If the menu bar with commands such as "File", "Play", and "Tools" is not visible in the Windows Media Player window, press CTRL+M to open this menu bar.
  3. Open the Play menu, then point to Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles.
  4. Enable the command that reads "On if Available" or "Captions".
  5. Open the Tools menu, then click Options.
  6. Go to the Security tab.
  7. Mark the "Show local captions when present" checkbox.

Once captions are enabled in this way, when you run SEERMHOSSelfPacedTrainingProgram.asx, with the .wmv and .smi files in the same directory, you will see the caption text displayed as the video plays.