SEER-MHOS Webinars

Below is a list of all archived SEER-MHOS webinars that are useful for researchers who would like to learn more about the data resource.

SEER-MHOS User Webinar: Tips and Tricks: Learning from Experts to Develop a SEER-MHOS Project

October 2021
This webinar features a discussion from expert users experienced in conducting SEER-MHOS research. This webinar highlights their SEER-MHOS analyses and publications and provide guidance on how to develop new SEER-MHOS research topics. Webinar speakers provide a wide range of tips for potential users highlighting all aspects of the research process, from concept and application development to manuscript submission.

SEER-MHOS Data Resource Webinar: Highlighting Newly Available Medicare Part D Claims Data

December 2019
This webinar explains the Part D linkage process, highlights important methodological considerations, and summarizes the data use application process. A recent publication demonstrating the use of this data linkage is also presented.

SEER-MHOS: A Data Resource to Examine Cancer Health Outcomes

August 2019
This introductory webinar provides an overview of the SEER-MHOS data resource, and highlights research examples that cover a variety of project approaches and designs, and the data request process.

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