Merging cancer data released after January 2011 with cancer data previously released

The cancer case numbers for patients in Louisiana and Seattle registries has changed in data released starting January 2011.

If you are merging cancer files from the 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2018 Linkages with files from a previous linkage you will need to replace the casenum variable with the contents of oshufcase if that variable is not blank. The OSHUFCASE variable is in columns 93 to 100 of the PEDSF file. This variable is only filled if it is different from the new case number. See the file description for information on these variables.

SAS code to make this change is:

registry = substr(regcase,1,2);
casenum = substr(regcase,3,8);
If oshufcase ne ' ' then regcase = registry || oshufcase;

This code will replace the case number in regcase with the old encrypted case number. This ONLY applies to merging files from the 2008 linkage with files from the 2010 or later linkages. The PEDSF file description describes the old encrypted case number (oshufcase).

Beginning in the 2012 linkage the registry for all Georgia cases is coded as "87". The SAS code to modify regcase from 2010 or earlier linkages is:

registry = substr(regcase,1,2);
casenum = substr(regcase,3,8);
if registry in('27' '37') then registry = '87';
regcase = registry || casenum;

The ID on the SUMDENOM and all non-cancer claims has changed in the 2014 linkage. Data from previous linkages CANNOT be merged with the data from the 2014 linkage.