Publication Abstract

Authors: Séradour B, Ancelle-Park R

Title: [Breast cancer screening: are results of French and international programmes comparable?].

Journal: J Radiol 87(9):1009-14

Date: 2006 Sep

Abstract: Full coverage of the national breast cancer screening programme was obtained in 2004. The new protocol was published in 2001. It changed the organisation implemented since 1994 for a better fit with the French decentralized health care system. Consequences on health results were analysed explaining related medical and sociological factors. The main change was the rate of positive mammograms which differed from the recall rate given in the European recommendations. With the new protocol the rate of assessments more than doubled: 6% in year 2000 and 14% in 2003. International comparisons are difficult since each country has a different organisation. Moreover the coexistence in France of organized screening and opportunistic screening causes a complex issue for evaluation of impact indicators of this population based programme.