Publication Abstract

Authors: Uno H, Cronin AM, Wadleigh M, Schrag D, Abel GA

Title: Derivation and validation of the SEER-Medicare myelodysplastic syndromes risk score (SMMRS).

Journal: Leuk Res 38(12):1420-4

Date: 2014 Dec

Abstract: Accruing data since 2001, the SEER-Medicare dataset is an outstanding resource for MDS-related comparative effectiveness research; however, although several MDS prognostic models exist, complete data required to calculate them are not available therein. Using SEER-Medicare as a training and internal validation set (n=9820) and clinical data at our institution as an external validation set (n=307), we created a new MDS risk score (the SMMRS) for use with SEER-Medicare. Risk stratification by the SMMRS was comparable to the IPSS (net reclassification improvement index was 0.0), demonstrating that it is a useful research tool to stratify MDS patients in studies using SEER-Medicare.