Publication Abstract

Authors: Verbeek AL, Hendriks JH, Holland R, Mravunac M, Sturmans F, Day NE

Title: Reduction of breast cancer mortality through mass screening with modern mammography. First results of the Nijmegen project, 1975-1981.

Journal: Lancet 1(8388):1222-4

Date: 1984 Jun 02

Abstract: Since 1975 four rounds of screening with modern mammography for breast cancer have been carried out among 30 000 Nijmegen women born before 1940. The results up to the end of 1981 shows that the odds ratio of screened vs unscreened subjects among women who died from breast cancer compared with women who did not, was 0.48 (95% confidence interval 0.23-1.00) in all age groups.