Publication Abstract

Authors: von Rosen A, Frisell J, Nilsson R, Wiege M, Auer G

Title: Histopathologic and cytochemical characteristics of interval breast carcinomas from the Stockholm Mammography Screening Project.

Journal: Acta Oncol 31(4):399-402

Date: 1992

Abstract: Combined morphological and cytochemical malignancy grading in addition to tumor stage was applied to assess the malignant potential of so-called interval carcinomas from the Stockholm randomized mammography screening study. Only interval carcinomas surfacing within two years from screening were included. Fifty-four percent of the tumors were in stage I and 46% of the carcinomas eligible for DNA analysis were diploid, i.e. low-malignant. An overrepresentation of prognostically unfavorable tumor characteristics was found only within the subgroup 'true' and 'early' interval cancer.