Publication Abstract

Authors: Shepherd JA, Kerlikowske KM, Smith-Bindman R, Genant HK, Cummings SR

Title: Measurement of breast density with dual X-ray absorptiometry: feasibility.

Journal: Radiology 223(2):554-7

Date: 2002 May

Abstract: Dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) was used to quantify breast density with a phantom and with cadaveric breasts. With DXA, percentage of fat correlated with percentage of glandular density of the phantom (r > 0.998) and with density at mammography (r(adjusted) = 0.83). DXA precision (SD) was 0.5% without and 1.1% with breast repositioning. DXA devices can be used to accurately and precisely estimate breast tissue density.