Publication Abstract

Authors: Almazán C, Borràs JM, de la Puente ML, Giménez A, Granados A

Title: [Approach to the use of screening mammography in 2 health regions].

Journal: Aten Primaria 15(7):452-6

Date: 1995 Apr 30

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To find the present use of mammography screening in relation to the reference criteria on what age to begin breast cancer screening, as defined in the Health Plan for Catalonia, and to evaluate the activity of the mammography technicians. DESIGN: Crossover survey. SETTING: The Costa de Ponent and Centre de Cataluña Health Regions. PATIENTS: There were 1,587 mammography requests from patients seen in these health sectors. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: The variables collected were age, date of investigation, place of residence, reason for request. 45.4% of screening mammographies requested in the health sectors under study corresponded to the age-group recommended in the reference criteria. Similar results were observed in the centres where mammographies were performed. Average daily activity per mammogram technician is 11.1 investigations (average: 11.1 mammographies; SD 4.5). CONCLUSIONS: About half the mammographies performed as part of screening for breast cancer are performed outside the recommended age-group and for ages where effectiveness has not been demonstrated. Therefore, publicising the recommended screening criteria must be a priority when initiating preventive activities. It is also important to use the available resources efficiently in line with the criteria laid down for breast cancer screening.