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Understanding the many factors that influence care, and how they act and interact, is an essential component of health care delivery research supported by NCI. The knowledge generated from this research can be used to design and test interventions that will promote patient-centered, evidence-based care.


The outcome of most interest in health care delivery research is reducing the burden of cancer on individuals and society.

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The figure below describes how the three branches within HDRP fit together

HDRP Branches

HDRP is organized into three branches that oversee and facilitate healthcare delivery research. Program directors in these branches provide information, consultation, and advice about NCI and NIH funding opportunities, grant applications, and science policies and procedures.

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Health care delivery research at NCI is conceptualized as the study of cancer care, factors influencing care, and outcomes of care. Cancer care refers to medical services offered across the cancer continuum, such as screening individuals not known to have cancer; treating cancer patients; following cancer survivors for recurrence; and providing psychosocial support at the end of life for patients and their caregivers.

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