HDRP Branches & Leadership

HDRP Organization

HDRP accomplishes its mission through its Office of the Associate Director, which provides general oversight of the program, and three unique Branches:

  • Healthcare Assessment Research Branch (HARB):
    Fosters research that looks at how demographic, social, economic, and health system factors influence access to and provision of cancer care in the population. Many studies supported by this branch focus on patterns of care, financial burden, outcomes of healthcare services, and health disparities.
  • Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB):
    Studies how multilevel contextual factors related to patients, clinicians, practice settings, delivery systems, insurance, and policy influence processes and outcomes of care. Developing and evaluating interventions that target these factors and improves cancer care delivery is of particular interest.
  • Outcomes Research Branch (ORB):
    Promotes research to measure, monitor, evaluate, and improve patient experiences, outcomes, and quality of care across the cancer continuum. This scientific focus is intended to facilitate a greater understanding of the perspectives of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and families, and integrate that knowledge into health care delivery systems.
Last Updated: 22 Jul, 2024