Accelerating Colorectal Cancer Screening and follow-up through Implementation Science (ACCSIS)

ACCSIS Overview

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The Cancer MoonshotSMExternal Web Site Policy was designed to accelerate efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer and achieve 10 years of progress in 5 years.

BLUE RIBBON PANEL RECOMMENDATION GExternal Web Site Policy: Expand use of proven cancer prevention and early detection strategies
Reduce cancer risk and cancer health disparities through approaches in development, testing and broad adoption of proven prevention strategies.

ACCSIS is improving colorectal cancer screening, follow-up, and referral for care among populations that have low colorectal cancer screening rates. ACCSIS focuses on underserved groups, including racial and ethnic minority populations and people living in rural or difficult-to-reach areas.

The two-phase projects in this program are designing multilevel interventions that increase colorectal cancer screening and healthcare delivery, as well as developing guidelines for scaling-up and implementing these multilevel interventions to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer. The first phase of these projects focuses on pilot studies that demonstrate the feasibility and potential effectiveness of multilevel interventions at increasing colorectal cancer screening and follow-up. The second phase involves testing the implementation and impact of the multilevel interventions in target populations with low colorectal cancer screening rates.

For more information, visit ACCSISExternal Web Site Policy.

ACCSIS Centers

The ACCSIS Program is comprised of one Coordinating Center and eight Research Centers. The Coordinating Center supports organizational, administrative, scientific activities of the Program. The Research Centers develop and implement multilevel interventions.

Center PI(s) PI/MPI Institution(s)
ACCSIS Coordinating Center Sujha Subramanian Research Triangle Institute
ACCSIS - Appalachia Mark Dignan
Electra Paskett
University of Kentucky
The Ohio State University
ACCSIS - Arizona Jennifer Hatcher
Peter Lance
University of Arizona Cancer Center
ACCSIS – Chicago Karen Kim University of Chicago
ACCSIS – New Mexico Shiraz I. Mishra
Kevin English
University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center & Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center
ACCSIS – North Carolina Daniel Reuland University of North Carolina
ACCSIS – Oklahoma Mark Doescher
Dorothy A. Rhoades
University of Oklahoma Stephenson Cancer Center
ACCSIS – Oregon Melinda Davis
Gloria Coronado
Oregon Health & Science University
Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research
ACCSIS – San Diego Elena Martinez
Sheila Castañeda
Samir Gupta
University of California, San Diego
San Diego State University
University of California San Diego

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Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024