Sample Healthcare Delivery Research Grant Applications

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) frequently receives requests for examples of funded grant applications. Several investigators and their organizations agreed to let the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP) post excerpts of their healthcare delivery research grant applications online.

We are grateful to the investigators and their institutions for allowing us to provide this important resource to the community. We include a copy of the SF 424 R&R Face Page, Project Summary/Abstract (Description), Project Narrative, Specific Aims, and Research Strategy; we do not include other SF 424 (R&R) forms or requisite information found in the full grant application (e.g., performance sites, key personnel, biographical sketches). To maintain confidentiality, we have redacted some information from these documents (e.g., budgets, social security numbers, home addresses, introduction to revised application).

Note: These sample grants predate some recent grants policy changes, including NIH’s Data Management and Sharing (DMS) PolicyExternal Web Site Policy (effective January 25, 2023). Please refer to the NIH Grants PolicyExternal Web Site Policy and NCI Grants PolicyExternal Web Site Policy to ensure your application is in full compliance.

Sample Applications

R01: Personalized Screening for Lung Cancer: the Importance of Co-existing Chronic Conditions to Clinical Practice and Policy

Principal Investigator

Dejana Braithwaite

Dejana Braithwaite, PhD, FRSExternal Web Site Policy
Georgetown University Medical Center

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R01: Predicting and Addressing Colonoscopy Non-adherence in Community Settings

Principal Investigator

Gloria Coronado

Gloria Coronado, PhDExternal Web Site Policy
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R01: Using MOST to EMPOWER: Optimizing an Emotional Regulation Intervention to Enhance Well-being Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Principal Investigators

John Salsman

John Salsman, PhDExternal Web Site Policy
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Judy Moskowitz

Judy Moskowitz, PhDExternal Web Site Policy
Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R01: Improving Informal Caregivers' and Cancer Survivors' Psychological Distress, Symptom Management and Health Care Use

Principal Investigator

Terry Badger

Terry Badger , PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAPOS, FAANExternal Web Site Policy
University of Arizona

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R03: Statewide Assessment of HPV Vaccination Among Childhood Cancer Survivors

Principal Investigators

Anne Kirchhoff

Anne Kirchhoff, PhD, MPHExternal Web Site Policy
University of Utah

Deanna Kepka

Deanna Lee Kepka, PhD, MPHExternal Web Site Policy
University of Utah

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R03: Multi-center Evaluation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis with Synthesized Two-dimensional Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

Principal Investigator

Brian Sprague

Brian Sprague, PhDExternal Web Site Policy
University of Vermont and State Agricultural College

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R21: Improving Transition Readiness in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survivors of Childhood Cancer

Principal Investigator

Katie Devine

Katie Devine, PhD, MPHExternal Web Site Policy
RBHS - Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


R50: Natural History of Lung Cancer Diagnosed Within and Across Diverse Health Systems Implementing Lung Cancer Screening

Principal Investigator

Nikki Carroll

Nikki Carroll, MSExternal Web Site Policy
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

Grant Mechanism & Award Number


Additional Details

Copyright Information

The text of the grant applications is copyrighted. Investigators and others may use the text from these applications only for nonprofit educational purposes provided that the content remains unchanged and that the Principal Investigator(s), their organization(s), and NCI are credited.


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