Healthcare Delivery Research Program Staff

Office of the Associate Director

Janet de Moor

Acting Associate Director

Melba Campbell

Program Specialist

Prisca N. Fall

Health Science Policy Analyst

Ann Geiger

Scientific Director, NCORP Cancer Care Delivery Research

Kate McNeill

Social and Behavioral Science Administrator

Annie Sampson

Lead Scientific Program Manager and Advisor to the Associate Director

Healthcare Assessment Research Branch

Jennifer Croswell

Program Director and Medical Officer

Amy Davidoff

Social and Behavioral Scientist Administrator

Paul Doria-Rose

Epidemiologist and Program Director

Percy Guzman

Cancer Prevention Fellow

Pamela Marcus

Senior Scientist and Program Director

Sharon McCarthy

Scientific Program Manager

Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch

Outcomes Research Branch

Lynn Adams

Program Director

David Eton

Program Director

Kirsten Evans

Health Scientist Administrator

Joshua Medel

Public Health Advisor

Sandra A. Mitchell

Senior Scientist and Program Director

Michelle MollicaExternal Web Site Policy

Program Director, Outcomes Research Branch (secondary appointment)
Deputy Director, Office of Cancer Survivorship

Last Updated: 07 Jun, 2024