Healthcare Delivery Research Program Staff

Office of the Associate Director

Janet de Moor

Deputy Associate Director

Brenda Adjei

Public Health Advisor/Program Director

Ann Geiger

Scientific Director, NCORP Cancer Care Delivery Research

Nancy Miller

Senior Advisor to Associate Director

Annie Sampson

Public Health Advisor

Dusuba Sesay

Public Health Advisor

Thomas Weaver

Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow

Healthcare Assessment Research Branch

Pamela Marcus

Program Director and Epidemiologist

Sharon McCarthy

Scientific Program Manager/Research Associate

Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch

Brittany Gardner

Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow

Genevieve Grimes

Health Science Analyst

Janeth Sanchez

Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow

Outcomes Research Branch

Hanna Abuhay

Cancer Research Training Fellow

Susan Buckenmaier

Cancer Research Training Award Fellow

Brianna Jacobs

NCI Communications Fellow

Roxanne Jensen

Health Services Researcher and Psychometrician

Bryan Kim

Program Director

Joshua Medel

Public Health Advisor

Sandra A. Mitchell

Research Scientist and Program Director

Administrative Team

Bessie Frazier

Administrative Support

Janis Paige

Administrative Support

Last Updated: 10 Oct, 2019