Healthcare Teams & Teamwork Processes in Cancer Care Delivery


Reducing cancer morbidity and mortality requires interactions between patients, caregivers, clinicians, and clinical staff from primary care and multiple specialties. Challenges to and breakdowns in communication and coordination across the cancer continuum are common, diminish patient outcomes, and contribute to patient, caregiver, and clinician workload. Improving the function of healthcare teams, defined as two or more people who interact to achieve shared patient care goals, was identified by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and MedicineExternal Web Site Policy as a vital step toward delivering high-quality, well-coordinated care across the cancer care continuum for all people. The goal of the Healthcare Teams initiative is to advance a program of research that supports the development and implementation of evidence-based strategies that improve healthcare team functioning, care coordination, and cancer-related outcomes.

NCI is conducting several activities in service of building such a program of research. This work aims to:

  • Identify principles of team structure and teamwork processes that enhance the delivery of multidisciplinary cancer care
  • Promote generation of evidence-based interventions to strengthen teaming and care coordination across the cancer care continuum, particularly among underserved populations and during care transitions
  • Develop an interdisciplinary community of investigators whose research furthers an evidence-based understanding of team-based care structures and teamwork process that influence care coordination and equitable access to high-quality cancer care and other collaborators working to facilitate adoption of findings into cancer care practice

Highlighted Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs)

Parent NOFOs for Investigator-initiated Applications

  • Cancer Prevention and Control Clinical Trials Grant Program (R01 Clinical Trial Required, PAR-21-035External Web Site Policy)
  • NIH Research Project Grant (Parent R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed, PAR-20-185External Web Site Policy)

Notice(s) of Special Interest

  • Research on Interprofessional Teamwork and Coordination During Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (NOT-CA-22-014External Web Site Policy)

Data Tools & Resources

Group-Enabled Measures Database (GEM)

Group-Evaluated Measures (GEM) is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) database for researchers with information about and potential access to behavioral, social science, and other scientific measures organized by associated constructs.

Learn More About the DatabaseExternal Web Site Policy

Science of Team Science Toolkit

The Toolkit connects professionals from many disciplines, providing a forum for sharing knowledge and tools to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of team science initiatives.

Explore the ToolkitExternal Web Site Policy

AHRQ Care Coordination Measures Atlas

The Care Coordination Measures Atlas includes measures of patient and caregiver experiences with care coordination, as well as experiences of health care professionals and health system managers.

Check out the AtlasExternal Web Site Policy

Publications & Reports

2023 Journal of Oncology Practice Special Series: Teams in Cancer Care ResearchExternal Web Site Policy

2016 Journal of Oncology Practice Special Series: NCI-ASCO TeamsExternal Web Site Policy

Understanding and Influencing Multilevel Factors Across the Cancer Care ContinuumExternal Web Site Policy


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Last Updated: 30 May, 2024