HPV Vaccine Uptake in Cancer Centers


In response to the President’s Cancer Panel’s report Accelerating HPV Vaccination Uptake: Urgency for Action to Prevent Cancer, DCCPS has funded three rounds of grant supplements to NCI-designated cancer centers to support development of expertise related to increasing HPV vaccine uptake. The first round, in 2014, supported collaborations with existing state and local coalitions and HPV immunization programs. The second round supported the same effort for an additional set of cancer centers. When the two groups gathered for meetings, they formed a coalition of cancer experts focused on increasing HPV vaccine uptake. This consortium has continued to meet approximately yearly, hosted by a cancer center that takes the opportunity to highlight local issues around HPV vaccination. A third group of cancer centers was supplemented in 2021 to increase that focus on local issues, this time specifically considering how local factors affect vaccine hesitancy. These supplements are part of a larger effort that NCI and CDC are undertaking to systematically bring together NCI-designated cancer centers, CDC programs, and state and local health departments and their immunization programs.


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Last Updated: 07 Sep, 2023