Publication Abstract

Authors: Des Jarlais G, Kaplan CP, Haas JS, Gregorich SE, Pérez-Stable EJ, Kerlikowske K

Title: Factors affecting participation in a breast cancer risk reduction telephone survey among women from four racial/ethnic groups.

Journal: Prev Med 41(3-4):720-7

Date: 2005 Sep-Oct

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Little is known about the participation of minorities in health behavior research. This manuscript assesses factors associated with participation among women in four racial/ethnic groups. METHODS: A total of 2800 Asian/Pacific Islander (API), Black, Latina, and non-Latina White women recruited through the San Francisco Mammography Registry was invited in 2002 and 2003 to participate in a telephone survey about breast cancer prevention. RESULTS: Minorities participated at lower rates (49% for APIs, 60% for Latinas, and 64% for Blacks) than Whites (77%). Increased participation was associated with younger age for Latinas (OR = 1.90, 95% CI 1.05-3.44) and Whites (OR = 1.77, CI 1.08-2.91), and with a family history of breast cancer for APIs (OR = 2.09, CI 1.24-3.52). Decreased participation was associated with having less than a high school education for APIs (OR = 0.47, CI 0.26-0.86), Blacks (OR = 0.29, CI 0.11-0.78), and Latinas (OR = 0.51, CI 0.28-0.94). CONCLUSIONS: Results suggest minorities' participation in health behavior research does not match Whites' and should be enhanced.