Publication Abstract

Authors: Dietz JR, Partridge AH, Gemignani ML, Javid SH, Kuerer HM

Title: Breast Cancer Management Updates: Young and Older, Pregnant, or Male.

Journal: Ann Surg Oncol 22(10):3219-24

Date: 2015 Oct

Abstract: Every year, more and more patients fall into rare or extreme categories of breast cancer-young, elderly, pregnant, or male. Contributing factors may be improved risk assessment and screening techniques (especially of dense breast tissue), delayed childbearing, and the aging population. These patients can challenge usual medical decision making because of their unique situation. There might be a concern for the fetus, worry about future fertility, a question of local control in a man, or concern for overdiagnosis or overtreatment in an older patient. Because these populations are seldom included in the large breast cancer trials from which standard treatment recommendations are made, an update on management for young, elderly, pregnant, and male breast cancer patients may be helpful.