Publication Abstract

Authors: Dole GF, Carney PA

Title: Characteristics of underserved women who did and those who did not use a free/low-cost voucher as part of a mammography screening program.

Journal: J Cancer Educ 13(2):102-7

Date: 1998 Summer

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Several programs have been designed to improve mammography screening participation in high-risk populations. The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess factors related to participation in a low-cost mammography screening voucher program. METHODS: The methods involved mailing a standardized survey to 101 participants in a low-cost mammography screening voucher program. The survey was designed to yield responses about the use of free mammography vouchers, women's knowledge of breast cancer, their perceptions of their risk of getting the disease, the usefulness of mammography and breast self-examinations, their information-seeking patterns, and general demographic information. RESULTS: Though knowledge and perceptions did not differ significantly between those who did and did not use the vouchers, voucher users were significantly older (47 versus 40) and were more likely to have established patterns of previous mammography use. CONCLUSION: Voucher programs can influence women to obtain mammography, though probably not those at greatest risk of non-adherence.