Publication Abstract

Authors: Fagan P, Shavers VL, Lawrence D, Gibson JT, O'Connell ME

Title: Employment characteristics and socioeconomic factors associated with disparities in smoking abstinence and former smoking among U.S. workers.

Journal: J Health Care Poor Underserved 18(4 Suppl):52-72

Date: 2007 Nov

Abstract: PURPOSE: This study examines the associations among employment and socioeconomic factors and the outcomes, current smoking, cigarette abstinence and former smoking among adult U.S. workers ages 18-64 (n=288,813). METHODS: Multivariate logistic regression was used to examine the associations among the variables using cross-sectional data from the 1998-1999 and 2001-2002 Tobacco Use Supplements to the Current Population Survey. RESULTS: Lower odds of current smoking was observed among part-time workers compared to those working variable hours and multiple job holders compared to persons holding one job. The self-employed, part-time workers and multiple job holders had higher odds of former smoking than comparison groups. Employment factors were not associated with short-term abstinence or 12-month abstinence from smoking, but income, education, marital status, and duration of smoking were associated with 12-month abstinence. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that while employment factors are associated with current and former smoking, socioeconomic factors are associated with long-term quitting.