Publication Abstract

Authors: Fessel MM, Mann M, Miyawaki CE, Rosenberg DE

Title: Multi-Component Interventions and Cognitive Health: A Scoping Review.

Journal: J Gerontol Nurs 43(5):39-48

Date: 2017 May 01

Abstract: Single-component interventions for modifiable risk factors to improve cognitive function in older adults have limited impacts. Multi-component interventions may be more effective. The current review describes randomized trials of multi-component interventions, and reports the state of the evidence to protect the cognitive health and reduce the risk of cognitive decline among middle-aged and older adults. Two hundred seventy-nine studies were found through electronic databases, 30 full-text reviews were completed, and six studies were identified for final selection. Findings suggest that a multi-component approach is promising compared to single-component interventions. Most multi-component intervention studies found improvement in at least one domain of cognitive function. However, the quality of multi-component studies was largely fair or poor primarily due to small samples and short trial durations. There is a need for more rigorous studies of multi-component interventions and to refine the knowledge on the specific interventions that optimize prevention domains. [Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 43(5), 39-48.].