Publication Abstract

Authors: Fintor L, Brown M, Fischer R, Suleiman O, Garlinghouse C, Camburn J, Frazier E, Houn F

Title: The impact of mammography quality improvement legislation in Michigan: implications for the National Mammography Quality Standards Act.

Journal: Am J Public Health 88(4):667-71

Date: 1998 Apr

Abstract: OBJECTIVES: This study examined the impact of state legislation on mammography quality and access in Michigan. METHODS: The impact of state legislation was analyzed with respect to utilization, numbers of machines and facilities, and image quality. RESULTS: The legislation had a positive effect on image quality improvement, had no impact on utilization by women aged 50 years and above, and resulted in few facility closures. CONCLUSIONS: Michigan's legislative intervention appears to have had a positive effect on efforts to improve mammography quality assurance with implications for other federal and state efforts to achieve quality assurance in health care delivery.