Publication Abstract

Authors: Gupta A, Atoria CL, Ehdaie B, Shariat SF, Rabbani F, Herr HW, Bochner BH, Elkin EB

Title: Risk of fracture after radical cystectomy and urinary diversion for bladder cancer.

Journal: J Clin Oncol 32(29):3291-8

Date: 2014 Oct 10

Abstract: PURPOSE: Radical cystectomy and urinary diversion may cause chronic metabolic acidosis, leading to long-term bone loss in patients with bladder cancer. However, the risk of fractures after radical cystectomy has not been defined. We assessed whether radical cystectomy and intestinal urinary diversion are associated with increased risk of fracture. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Population-based study using SEER-Medicare-linked data from 2000 through 2007 for patients with stage 0-III bladder cancer. We evaluated the association between radical cystectomy and risk of fracture at any site, controlling for patient and disease characteristics. RESULTS: The cohort included 50,520 patients, of whom 4,878 had cystectomy and urinary diversion. The incidence of fracture in the cystectomy group was 6.55 fractures per 100 person-years, compared with 6.39 fractures per 100 person-years in those without cystectomy. Cystectomy was associated with a 21% greater risk of fracture (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.21; 95% CI, 1.10 to 1.32) compared with no cystectomy, controlling for patient and disease characteristics. There was no evidence of an interaction between radical cystectomy and age, sex, comorbidity score, or cancer stage. CONCLUSION: Patients with bladder cancer who have radical cystectomy and urinary diversion are at increased risk of fracture.