Publication Abstract

Authors: Arias-Stella JA 3rd, Williamson SR

Title: Updates in Benign Lesions of the Genitourinary Tract.

Journal: Surg Pathol Clin 8(4):755-87

Date: 2015 Dec

Abstract: The genitourinary tract is a common site for new cancer diagnosis, particularly for men. Therefore, cancer-containing specimens are very common in surgical pathology practice. However, many benign neoplasms and nonneoplastic, reactive, and inflammatory processes in the genitourinary tract may mimic or cause differential diagnostic challenges with malignancies. Emerging clinicopathologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular characteristics have shed light on the pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of these lesions. This review addresses differential diagnostic challenges related to benign genitourinary tract lesions in the kidney, urinary bladder, prostate, and testis, with emphasis on recent advances in knowledge and areas most common in diagnostic practice.