Publication Abstract

Authors: Geller BM, Zapka J, Hofvind SS, Scharpantgen A, Giordano L, Ohuchi N, Ballard-Barbash R

Title: Communicating with women about mammography.

Journal: J Cancer Educ 22(1):25-31

Date: 2007 Spring

Abstract: BACKGROUND/METHODS: We report survey results of the types of tools used to communicate with women about breast cancer screening and the content areas included in each tool for member countries of the International Breast Cancer Screening Network (IBSN). RESULTS: In addition to using pamphlets and invitation letters, new technologies are being used such as the Internet which allows for easy updating of information and can provide interactive modules. Several countries have addressed the needs of specific populations such as indigenous populations or blind women. All countries provide basic information, although they do not provide all the same information. CONCLUSION: More research is needed to understand what women need to make an informed decision about mammography and to learn what the best modalities are to provide this information.