Publication Abstract

Authors: Gram IT, Lund-Larsen PG, Rosenlund AF, St°rmer J

Title: [Mammography screening in Troms÷. Realization and results of the first mammography screening in Norway].

Journal: Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 109(10):1040-2

Date: 1989 Apr 10

Abstract: The screening was carried out as a part of a health survey. Women aged 40 or more, (N = 4,290), were eligible. The acceptance rate were 84.4%. Altogether 5.3% was selected fro detailed mammographic examination, 1.7% were referred to a surgeon and 1.1% underwent surgery. In ten (25%) of them breast cancer was proven histologically. The mammograms were read independently by two radiologists. The predictive value was highest if only women on which both radiologists agreed were referred to detailed mammography. Of the women attending the health survey, 98% in the urban and, 79% in the rural part of the municipality were screened for breast cancer. The latter group had to make an appointment and travel to the city center to have their mammograms taken. The interpretation of the breast cancer screening was centrally administered. The follow-up was organized locally.