Publication Abstract

Authors: Autier P, Grivegnée AR

Title: [Economic approach to breast cancer screening in Belgium].

Journal: Rev Med Brux 16(4):326-9

Date: 1995 Jul-Aug

Abstract: In Belgium, the breast cancer screening by mammography involves a great number of women. It is largely non organized and regarded to the small number of data, it is impossible to determine if this screening is useful and if it has a good "cost-benefit" ratio. This work studies the economical aspects of breast cancer screening in the belgian health care system. From information found in other countries, we build 4 models corresponding to an organized and a spontaneous screening. We studied the total processus from screening to diagnosis, including the quality assurance and the evaluation of effectiveness in the organized models. We then applied the reimbursements of the belgian health insurance in the models and compared the costs. It appears that a screening for breast cancer must be organized to give a best "cost-effectiveness" ratio. Pilot projects should be the best way to study the best organization modalities in Belgium.