Publication Abstract

Authors: Arora NK, Johnson P, Gustafson DH, McTavish F, Hawkins RP, Pingree S

Title: Barriers to information access, perceived health competence, and psychosocial health outcomes: test of a mediation model in a breast cancer sample.

Journal: Patient Educ Couns 47(1):37-46

Date: 2002 May

Abstract: This study examined the relationship between breast cancer patients' experience of barriers to accessing health information and their psychosocial health outcomes and explored the extent to which this relationship was mediated by patient perceptions of competence in dealing with health-related issues. Study sample consisted of 225 women surveyed within 6 months of diagnosis. Regression analyses suggested that patients who reported greater difficulty in accessing needed information experienced lower emotional (P=0.05), functional (P<0.05), and social/family (P<0.05) well-being as well as lower perceptions of health competence (P<0.001). Also, patient perceptions of health competence mediated the relationship between barriers to accessing information and patient outcomes (emotional well-being, P<0.05; functional well-being. P<0.01; social/family well-being, P=0.01). Breast cancer patients often report dissatisfaction with the extent to which their information needs are addressed by their health care providers. Our findings underscore the need for designing and implementing interventions that would aid providers in better meeting the information needs of their patients.