Publication Abstract

Authors: Jiang AJ, Rambhatla PV, Eide MJ

Title: Socioeconomic and lifestyle factors and melanoma: a systematic review.

Journal: Br J Dermatol 172(4):885-915

Date: 2015 Apr

Abstract: Evidence of social determinants of disease and awareness of the impact of these factors on outcomes continues to increase. Social determinants include both socioeconomic and lifestyle factors. This review examines the interface between socioeconomic status (SES) and lifestyle and their effects on melanoma incidence and mortality. Lifestyle factors including occupation, occupational exposures, body mass index, marital status, smoking, recreational sun exposure and tanning were explored as they have a known relationship with melanoma. A remarkable association of SES with melanoma incidence and prognosis has been acknowledged worldwide. Melanoma incidence is increased in populations of higher SES, especially among the highly educated, while lower SES populations present with later-stage disease at time of diagnosis and display greater mortality. The aforementioned lifestyle factors are also related to SES, and have been shown internationally to affect melanoma incidence and mortality. This comprehensive systematic review suggests that lifestyle factors including occupation, occupational exposure, obesity, recreational sun exposure and tanning may explain the relationship between SES and melanoma.