Publication Abstract

Authors: Hiatt RA, Klabunde C, Breen N, Swan J, Ballard-Barbash R

Title: Cancer screening practices from National Health Interview Surveys: past, present, and future.

Journal: J Natl Cancer Inst 94(24):1837-46

Date: 2002 Dec 18

Abstract: The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) has provided data about health behaviors at the national level since 1957. The 1987 and 1992 Cancer Control Supplements to the NHIS, along with other supplemental surveys administered intermittently on self-reported cancer-related behaviors, have contributed to important research and public health purposes. In this article, we reviewed 73 papers published between 1980 and 2001 that used NHIS data, including the first report from the 1998 NHIS, to examine what has been learned from past surveys. Our goal was to facilitate future analyses of recently released data on cancer screening practices from the Cancer Control Supplement to the 2000 NHIS, which is now known as the Cancer Control Module. We categorized the papers according to which of the following three study approaches they used: trends in screening rates, correlates of these rates with factors that may influence screening, and linkages or comparisons of NHIS data with other surveys or sources of information. We summarize knowledge gained in cancer screening for each of these three categories and identify areas that could benefit from more research. We highlight some of the new information available for the first time on the Cancer Control Module of the 2000 NHIS as fresh opportunities for cancer control research. Finally, we describe how the Cancer Control Supplements to the NHIS are integrated with the objectives of and developments in national cancer surveillance research that have emerged from federal planning efforts and collaborations with national partners in cancer surveillance in recent years.