Publication Abstract

Authors: Kåresen R, Bø JK, Haustveit S, Hervik A, Thoresen SO

Title: [Cost-effectiveness of mammography screening in Norway].

Journal: Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 119(24):3553-9

Date: 1999 Oct 10

Abstract: Since January 1996, mammography screening every second year has been offered to women aged 50 to 69 in four counties in Norway. As an input to the evaluation of the programme, medical authorities commissioned an analysis of the cost-efficacy of screening. The results are presented in this paper. This study of the screening in the City of Oslo is based on registration of time used on various procedure, data for all procedure performed, and financial accounting data. The result have been recalculated for a simulated nation-wide project. Only costs up to the time of diagnosis (malignant/benign) have been included. The total cost of the Oslo programme 1996/97 was NOK 12.1 m (USD 1.6 m). Cost per women examined was NOK 395 and per cancer detected NOK 57,639. Cost per life saved was estimated at NOK 680,000, per year-of-life saved NOK 30,000. Based on accounting data only, comparisons could be made between counties. Costs in other counties were between 39 and 73% higher than in Oslo. Using an estimate of a 40% higher costs nation-wide, we find that the total cost of one year of nation-wide (population 4.5 m) screening would amount to NOK 83 m, cost per life saved to NOK 950,000, and per year-of-life saved to NOK 41,000. Estimated cost per life saved by traffic safety measures has been NOK 10 m. On this basis, mammography screening in Norway seems to be a highly cost-effective measure.