Publication Abstract

Authors: Johnson TP, Shariff-Marco S, Willis G, Cho YI, Breen N, Gee GC, Krieger N, Grant D, Alegria M, Mays VM, Williams DR, Landrine H, Liu B, Reeve BB, Takeuchi D, Ponce NA

Title: Sources of Interactional Problems in a Survey of Racial/Ethnic Discrimination.

Journal: Int J Public Opin Res 27(2):244-263

Date: 2015 Summer

Abstract: Cross-cultural variability in respondent processing of survey questions may bias results from multiethnic samples. We analyzed behavior codes, which identify difficulties in the interactions of respondents and interviewers, from a discrimination module contained within a field test of the 2007 California Health Interview Survey. In all, 553 (English) telephone interviews yielded 13,999 interactions involving 22 items. Multilevel logistic regression modeling revealed that respondent age and several item characteristics (response format, customized questions, length, and first item with new response format), but not race/ethnicity, were associated with interactional problems. These findings suggest that item function within a multi-cultural, albeit English language, survey may be largely influenced by question features, as opposed to respondent characteristics such as race/ethnicity.