Publication Abstract

Authors: Ballard TJ, Burnett CA, Sieber WK, Halperin WE

Title: Breast Cancer Screening among Employed American Women.

Journal: Int J Occup Environ Health 1(3):225-231

Date: 1995 Jul

Abstract: From the 1990 National Health Interview Survey Health Promotion and Disease Prevention supplement, the authors estimated the 1990 baseline prevalence of breast cancer screening among employed U.S. women aged 50-70 years. Proportions of women screened for breast cancer were calculated by occupational category and demographic characteristics, and were compared with the Healthy People 2000 objective that 60% of women aged 50 and older have had mammography and a clinical breast examination within the preceding two years. The objective was exceeded for white-collar workers (61.8%) and workers with some college (64.1%), but was not met by any blue-collar/service workers (40.8%); or any workers with only a high school diploma (54.7%) or less than a high school diploma (38.5%). Identification of occupational categories and demographic subgroups among working women will be helpful to those planning breast cancer screening programs, in both the public and the private sectors.