Publication Abstract

Authors: Kant AK, Schatzkin A, Ballard-Barbash R

Title: Evening eating and subsequent long-term weight change in a national cohort.

Journal: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord 21(5):407-12

Date: 1997 May

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To examine the association of proportion of daily energy consumed in the evening with weight change over 10 y of follow-up. DESIGN: The data used were from the First National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I, 1971-75) Epidemiologic Follow-up Study (NHEFS, 1982-84). The analytic cohort included 2580 men and 4567 women aged 25-74 y at baseline (NHANES I, 1971-75). The proportion of energy consumed in the evening (after 5 pm) was estimated from a 24 h dietary recall obtained a baseline. Weight change was defined as the difference between the follow-up and baseline weights. RESULTS: Mean +/- s.e. of percent energy from evening food intake was 46 +/- 0.29 in the analytic cohort. After adjustment for multiple covariates, percent energy from evening food intake and weight change were unrelated in both men and women. CONCLUSION: Extent of evening eating was not a significant predictor of 10 y weight change in the NHEFS cohort.