Publication Abstract

Authors: Madeo AC, Tercyak KP, Tarini BA, McBride CM

Title: Effects of undergoing multiplex genetic susceptibility testing on parent attitudes towards testing their children.

Journal: Ann Behav Med 47(3):388-94

Date: 2014 Jun

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Parents may pursue common disease risk information about themselves via multiplex genetic susceptibility testing (MGST) for their children. PURPOSE: To prospectively assess whether parents who received MGST disclosed their test results to their child, intended to change the child's health habits, or have the child tested. METHODS: Eighty parents who opted for free MGST completed an online survey about a child in their household before undergoing MGST and a follow-up telephone survey 3 months after receiving results. RESULTS: Few parents (21 %) disclosed results to the child. Undergoing MGST was unrelated to intentions to change the child's health habits but did increase parental willingness to test the child. Greater willingness to test a child was associated with positive attitudes toward pediatric genetic testing and intentions to change the child's health habits. CONCLUSION: The experience of receiving MGST had little impact on parents' perceptions or behaviors related to their minor child.