Publication Abstract

Authors: Kent EE, Parry C, Montoya MJ, Sender LS, Morris RA, Anton-Culver H

Title: "You're too young for this": adolescent and young adults' perspectives on cancer survivorship.

Journal: J Psychosoc Oncol 30(2):260-79

Date: 2012

Abstract: Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors face unique challenges not systematically addressed by cancer clinicians. Four focus groups and two individual interviews were conducted with 19 survivors to profile experiences and identify key concerns for future interventions. The resultant themes reflect cancer care continuum challenges (such as delays in diagnosis, problems with adherence), psychosocial concerns (such as infertility and reproductive concerns, changing social relationships, financial burden), and the paradox of being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult. Future intervention development for adolescent and young adult survivors should involve patient voices at each stage of the research process.